Zanzibar Island (Tanzania)

It’s probably reasonably clear by now that we love travelling.  After a few months’ hard slog though, it was time for a holiday!

Much of the coastline of Tanzania (and Mozambique) is made up of beautiful beaches, and then there are also a number of islands.  For our holiday from travelling, we chose to visit Zanzibar.

Zanzibar has a long and interesting history, but we won’t really get into that here since it’s a holiday post!  Instead, we’ll share a few of the photos with a couple of comments.

P.S. – In the real world we’ve now touched down safely in New Zealand, and have been a little slack in updating the blog.  There are still some posts to share though, so you’ll see a bit of activity over the next few weeks.

Zanzibar scooter

Our transport for a few days on Zanzibar Island. It was a little less sturdy than our Hilux, but a bit more nimble.

Jambiani beach south

Looking south down Jambiani beach at almost high tide.


This (the ground level room) was our base for a few nights. It was a bit different from camping in our Hilux!

Jambiani beach north

Looking north up Jambiani beach.

Rachel in water

Rachel enjoying the extremely warm water.

Fishing dhow

A traditional boat with two outriggers. The strong winds that the island is known for mean these things can move pretty quickly.

Low tide beach

A beach at low tide. You can see how far out it stretches, as well as women harvesting seaweed.

Maasai dude

A young Maasai man walking along the beach. This was partially accidental as Rachel was taking a photo of the beach when he walked into the frame, so she grabbed a sneaky shot of him! From our observations and speaking with others, it seems Maasai on the island are usually employed either as security guards (like this guy) or ‘companions’ for middle-aged female tourists.

Super blue blood moon

This was our view on the night of the combined super moon (when the moon is unusually close to the earth), blue moon (second full moon in a calendar month), and blood moon (total lunar eclipse, which we didn’t see).

Pre-dinner briefing

The pre-dinner briefing at the rooftop restaurant in Stone Town that we dined at on our last night on Zanzibar.  Note the traditional seating style.

Rooftop view

The view from the restaurant overlooking Stone Town.

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  1. wow, I can feel the relaxing and beautiful sunrise/sunset? through your photo. jealous of you, as I am trapped in the cloudy/gloomy Switzerland and lost in the dark mist of research work……….

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